Volunteering at Furpocalypse

As with any other great convention, we need volunteers to help us make Furpocalypse all it can be. If you would like to volunteer for Furpocalypse, please contact our Volunteering Department before the convention starts, and we will get you on our list. Once the convention has commenced, you may go to the ConOps area to register as a volunteer. We ask that if you know beforehand that you would like to volunteer, please contact the Volunteering Department before the convention has started. The earlier the better!

Volunteer Rewards

To encourage people to volunteer year after year, we have a reward program in place. Every time you volunteer, have the department’s Director sign off on the hours that you’ve worked. Department set-up and break-down counts for double hours, so make sure that you get your form fully filled out!

If you volunteer 8 or more hours, you will receive a free t-shirt of your choice.

If you volunteer 12 or more hours, in addition to the free t-shirt, you will also be eligible for a free Tier 1 membership for next year’s convention.


Security Staff

Think you have what it takes to be a part of the Furpocalypse security staff? Then you’re probably the right amount of crazy we need! Security volunteers receive the same perks as standard volunteers plus a sweet walkie-talkie during the con.