We know our Dealers work hard to earn a living and provide our community with art and merchandise that gets us in touch with our furry selves. And we at Furpocalypse want to make sure your experience dealing is simple, pleasant, and hassle-free from start to finish.

So here are some of the improvements we're making this year:

  • Upgrading our Dealers' Den staff to add more experience, quicker response times, and better service all around.
  • We will be paying all Dealers who choose to utilize our Dealers' Cashier AT THE CON, THE SAME DAY. Friday receipts will be paid in full Friday night, Saturday receipts will be paid in full Saturday night, and Sunday receipts will be paid in full within one (1) week of the convention's conclusion.
  • Adopting a simpler, easier at-con registration process. When you arrive at the Dealers' Den to set up (Thursday night or Friday morning), our helpful staff will greet you and show you to your table, where you'll find your badge and all the materials you'll need! Just one stop and you're ready to go!
  • Dealer selection will be determined by a random lottery. No more jurying. We will treat ALL artists/dealers, whether they're a seasoned veterans or new to the community, equally.
  • Lunch break! The Dealers' Den will shut down for one (1) hour in the afternoon so dealers can take a breather and sit down to enjoy a sane, relaxing lunch (instead of having to eat on the run).
  • Dealer Catering! Our Dealers' Den will have a FREE snack and drink cafe available (for Dealers only) throughout the convention. We know you all work long hours and need fuel to get you through the day, and can't always leave to get food, so we're going to take care of you at the con! Just come to the cafe (located beside our Dealers' Cashier) and grab some snacks!
  • Dealer Attendants. We're going to have Dealer Attendants available to watch your table when you need to step away for food or to use the restroom.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve your Dealer experience, PLEASE contact us at: [email protected]



  • Admittance for one (1) to the Furpocalypse Social on Friday night
Half-Table (4'L x 5.5'W) - Includes One 3-Day Membership $70
Full-Table (8'L x 5.5'W) - Includes One 3-Day Memberships $145
Full-Table Dealer Assistant $40
Two Full-Tables (16'L x 5.5'W) - Includes Two 3-Day Memberships $300


  • Admittance for two (2) to the Furpocalypse Social on Friday night
  • Complimentary registration for one (1) Dealer's Assistant (full-table only)
  • Convention t-shirt
Half-Table (4'L x 5.5'W) - Includes One 3-Day Membership $225
Full-Table (8'L x 5.5'W) - Includes Two 3-Day Memberships $295


Dealers with full-tables are allowed to purchase one (1) discounted $40 3-day membership for their assistant.

Assistants for dealers with half-tables must purchase a regular attendee membership. Assistants are subject to all of the attendee registration rules. Limit ONE (1) assistant per half table.


We do offer a limited number of multi-table dealers.
Please contact our Dealers Department for details and pricing.

All space sizes are approximate.


We offer 2 options for dealers to accept payments.

You may:

Register as a Business in Connecticut

  • Click Here to Register - Requires a $100.00 one-time fee to the State of Connecticut.
  • A scanned copy of your Connecticut Sales License must be provided to Furpocalypse by September 30th, and you must bring the original or a certified copy with you to the convention.

- or -

Use the Furpocalypse Dealer Cashier

  • Furpocalypse will retain a 5% Processing Fee from all sales.


After the Dealers’ Den closes on Friday and Saturday, if you have used our Dealer Checkout service, your final sales for that day will be tallied and sent out to you via Paypal, minus the 5% processing fee.

Sunday’s sales will be sent to you within 7 days of the end of the event.


Dealers and Attendees can receive a full refund for their registration fees should a cancellation be received by September 24th of 2019. Credits for the following year's convention registration can be requested anytime before October 24th of 2019.


All adult items must be placed in a covered binder with a sign identifying them as "For Adults Only"
Please make sure all genitals and/ or female nipples are fully-covered with an adhesive sticker.


After the close of online dealer registration, and lottery selection, all applicants will be notified of their status. If selected they will be required to submit payment for their space. The first twenty (20) dealers not chosen will be placed on our waiting list and will be contacted should openings become available.

All others will receive notice of declination.


If you were placed on our dealer waiting list, we will contact you should an opening become available. No payment is needed until you are offered a spot.


All Dealers and Assistants must be eighteen (18) or older by the start of the convention.

Please see the Dealer Registration Package for additional Information, Rules, and Terms and Conditions.

Email any questions to our Dealers Department.