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Dealers Den


As you're all aware, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is a very serious and frightening situation. It has led to the postponement and cancellation of several conventions. We send our love and support to our fellow conventions being affected by this pandemic.

Due to the recent cancellations and rescheduling of events we are postponing our Dealer’s Den Application process by 2 weeks to allow dealers and vendors time to absorb recent changes so they may plan accordingly. We do not want our application process to cause undue pressure to our vendors in an already stressful time.

Right now, Furpocalypse is far enough away that we are still planning to have the event as scheduled and are only delaying the launch of our dealer’s application to allow the community time to adapt and make plans that are in their best interest.

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Half-Table (4'L x 5.5'W) $75
Full-Table (8'L x 5.5'W) $150
Double Table (16'L x 5.5'W) $300
Triple Table (24'L x 5.5'W) $500
Booth (4 tables, 16' x 16' floor space) $700
  • Admittance for two (2) to the Furpocalypse Social on Friday night. (Primary dealer + one assistant/guest)
  • Con badges are not included and must be purchased separately!
  • Any assistant must also purchase their own badge. There will be no additional dealer assistant fee this year.


All dealers/artist alley members and assistants must be eighteen (18) or older by the start of the convention.

Please see the Dealer Registration Package for additional Information, Rules, and Terms and Conditions.

For questions regarding the dealers den please contact [email protected]