Do you, or a group of your peers, have a talent or interest that you would like to share/discuss with others? If so we would love to have you run a panel at this year's Furpocalypse!

Panel time-slots run from 10am through 1am on Friday through Sunday. If you have limited availability, please include your preferred day and time. While it is not possible for us to accommodate every request, we will attempt to schedule your panel as close to the requested time as is possible.

Please note: You are responsible for providing all required equipment and materials for your presentation. We can provide a video projector if desired (this does not include a playback device or computer).


All panels must be submitted by September 1st to be included!

Please be certain that you will be able to attend the convention and panel before submitting your request. If you fail to attend your scheduled panel we may be unable to grant your requests for panels in the future.

By submitting a panel application, you agree to:

  • Attend your panel at the assigned day and time.
  • Run your panel in a knowledgeable manner.
  • Clean up after yourselves.
  • Notify [email protected] if you are unable to attend your panel.
  • And if possible, please find a replacement speaker (or a replacement panel) for your time-slot.