Furpocalypse hosts one of the most entertaining Masquerade shows allowed, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Participants do not need to have any experience, fursuit, or costume. The point of our Masquerade is to have fun and put on a great show for all ages to enjoy!

We are limited to a maximum of 12 acts. Walk-ins may be accepted, but spots are only guaranteed to those who apply before October 15th. Acts are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is a mandatory Saturday morning rehearsal. To perform during the masquerade your act must be registered and must attend the rehearsal. Priority will be given to those acts that pre-registered and showed up for rehearsal, any remaining spaces will be filled by acts that are registering at the Saturday morning rehearsal. If you have any questions in regards to your act or the format of the show, contact the Masquerade Team well in advance. Don't wait until rehearsal to sort out details!


There is a mandatory rehearsal Saturday morning in Main Events. All acts must check in at the start of rehearsals in order to perform in the show.

The rehearsal period is intended for you to get used to preforming your act on stage and to iron out all the technical requirements for your act. We will collect all media for your act at this time, so please bring it on a flash drive. We will not accept media stored on CDs, SD cards, cellphones, etc. or links to YouTube videos.

Failure to show up for rehearsals and at very lest check in will result in your act being dropped from the final show.


All performances and costumes must be suitable for a general audience. All costumes must meet the stated requirements in our Code Of Conduct found in the Furpocalypse conbook and on our website. Costumes and acts may be subject to alteration, or rejected at the Masquerade Staff's discretion.

Individual and group performances are both welcome to perform!

The act you perform during Saturday night's show must match the act you presented at rehearsal. Drastic deviations, outbursts, obscenities, or inappropriate behavior will result in an immediate halt of your act, and may result in a ban from future Masquerades as well as possible disciplinary action and public embarrassment.


The length of each act is limited to a maximum of 4 minutes. If your music or act is longer than the stated limit, please contact the Masquerade Department and we'll do our best to work with you.


If your act is using pre-recorded audio or music, you must bring it with you to the Saturday morning rehearsal (this is the ONLY time we will accept audio files)! Any music or audio should be on a Flash Drive in MP3 or WAV format. Make sure to label your audio file with your act name (we HIGHLY recommend you have just one track or file on your Masquerade flash drive to assure the Sound crew plays the proper track). We also recommend you bring additional copies of your music in case the original is lost or damaged.

You are responsible for bringing your own materials, props, costumes, and music. Please do not create elaborate props that are fragile, take a long time to set up/break down, or are overly large. If you need helpers, please try to recruit your own.

Microphones, stands, booms, chairs, tables, a podium, and an easel will be available for stage use.

Special requests such as unusual staging requirements or equipment requests may or may not be honored depending on staff or equipment availability, safety, or compatibility. Ask in advance!


Furpocalypse's Masquerades are judged by panel, winners will be honored at the end of the show. Acts will be judged by their originality, execution, audience response, as well as swag points.

If you have any questions or concerns about your act and or what's acceptable, contact the Masquerade Team in advance!