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Furpocalypse is proud to offer our attendees discounted room rates of $133.00 per night(plus applicable fees and taxes) at the adjoined Armon Hotel and Holiday Inn Express Stamford. Filling out one of the below forms will add you to a list of reservations for that room type in either hotel. We will then be providing this information to Armon Hotel for a representative to contact you and finalize your reservation. This is a new process so please be sure to read everything carefully and contact [email protected] if you have any questions or need help with your reservation.

A king-size bed in a room at the Armon Hotel in Stamford, CT.

IMPORTANT - Read Before Continuing

Before you continue, please take a moment to read this section carefully and make sure you understand the following:

  1. Furpocalypse is not booking reservations on your behalf, nor are we collecting any payment or payment information. In order to ensure that attendee reservation information is received by the Armon Hotel and that attendees get the discounted room rates, we are collecting contact information and sending it to Armon on a weekly basis. Furpocalypse will not use this information for any other purposes other than for Armon to contact you!
  2. Submitting a reservation form does not mean your reservation is complete. A representative from Armon will be contacting attendees on the lists we send to get any other information they need, calculate the final prices, and confirm and complete the reservation at that time. Until this happens, you do not have a reservation.
  3. Only Furpocalypse attendees may reserve through these forms. Please log in with the account created during registration in order to book a room.
  4. One reservation per account. Please submit only one form. Attempting to reserve multiple room types at once may cause confusion and/or result in your removal from the list.
  5. Reservations are on a first-come first-served basis, and if Armon cannot reach you, you will be removed from the list. The Armon representative will be contacting attendees on the list by phone. If the Armon rep cannot make contact with the attendee, a voicemail will be left asking for the attendee to call back. If the attendee does not return the call between this first call and a follow-up call, then they will be removed from the list of reservations. Please ensure that the contact information submitted is accurate and that your voicemail is not full!
  6. There is no guarantee or entitlement to specific rooms, floors, or which hotel you will be placed in at time of check-in. The Armon Hotel and Holiday Inn Express are both run by Armon, are part of one building, and share similar amenities. You may add special instructions like: requesting a to be placed in a Quiet Area, or placed on a specific floor. We will do our best to accommodate these but we are not able to guarantee everyone's requests can be fulfilled.
  7. You are subject to Armon's No-Show, Check-in, and Cancellation Policies once your reservation is completed. These policies have been transcribed below from their website:

No-Show Policy

If a guest is a no show, they must pay 100% of total charges.

Check-in Policy

All balances due will be collected upon arrival. Guests must be over the age of 18.

Cancellation Policy

Guests will incur a fee of 100% of total charges if they cancel within 1 day to check-in date.

All good? Then let's get you on the list...

Choose which type of room you wish to reserve! Make sure you're logged in to our site with the account you created when registering before clicking on one of these buttons.