Dance Competition

For FreeStyle Dance Fight Sign ups go to:


Click the "Apply Now!" button at the bottom of the page! The deadline to sign up for Furpocalypse’s 2022 Dance Competition is end of day Monday, Oct 24th

Note: Even if you sign up online you must be at the prelims on Friday!


Prelims will be held in the Main Ballroom on Friday. Everyone that wishes to compete must attend the prelims. We advise showing up 15 minutes early so we can start on time.

By this time you should have already emailed your song, but it is advised to bring a hard copy of your music via flash drive to prelims just in case. We will not accept media stored on CDs, SD cards, cellphones, etc. or YouTube videos. We are not responsible for corrupt, missing, and/or incompatible song files.

The prelims will be closed to the public, we ask that you don’t even bring a handler unless you believe it's necessary. Most folks will be headless when not trying out. We will have water and staff to help you if you need it.

We will have 18 final slots for the dance completion. If 18 or fewer acts try out we will not be making cuts and will instead use the time to allow each competitor to dance on the stage and get feedback from the prelim judges.

If more than 18 acts try out, our judges will decide who will make it to the final 18. In that case you will have to perform at least 1:30 of your routine for our prelim judges. These judges will be completely different from our finals judges, so you don’t have to worry about spoiling anything. The prelim judges will then use the same scoring style as the finals judges to rank those trying out. The top 18 will then make it into the competition.


Group entries are allowed! In the case of 3 or more group entries making it into the competition, there will be a separate category for groups. Groups will be given an extra 30 seconds for their song length for every extra person, up to 4 minutes.

Example: A three person group could dance for up to 3 minutes (2min+30sec+30sec)

For all solo entries, your song cannot exceed 2 minutes in length. If you do not cut your song at 2 minutes the DJ (Hawk) will fade it out.

Your song must be appropriate for a PG-13 audience. Please no swears, inappropriate language or themes, slurs or excessive sexual undertones. There will be people in the audience of all ages, please keep that in mind.


A qualifying fursuit consists of a fursuit head, hand paws, and a tail (species permitting). You are also welcome to wear your full suit if you have one, and we allow both plantigrade or digitigrade leg styles. Quadsuits, of course, will also be welcome. You can still compete without feet paws, but points will be subtracted. Please note that skin should not be showing with your fursuit.


If you have gotten through to the finals, you must meet in the Main Events at the time specified during prelims, NO LATER! Please feel free to show up earlier, as you can always de-head and get some water.

The order will be announced when you arrive at the headless lounge and we’ll have it on a sheet backstage so you can remind yourself. All finalists will perform their piece, receive verbal judging, and then at the end, all finalists will be welcomed back out on stage for a fun freestyle dance with everyone else to entertain the crowd while judges tally votes.


Judges will take into consideration every dancer’s musicality, originality, technicality, crowd appeal and overall performance. They will then place competitors in slots 1-18 as the competition moves on until they have a full placement from 1st to 18th at the end. The places everyone gets from each judge will then be added up and the folks with the 3 lowest scores will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd (think golf scoring system).

Example: Bob’s performance scores a 5th, 7th, and 4th place slot from the 3 judges. That’s 16 points total. If Sally received 2nd, 5th, and 3rd place slots she’d get 10 points and thus would beat out Bob.

We wish you all the best of luck! Please send any questions you may have to [email protected].

We wish you all the best of luck! Please send any questions you may have to [email protected].