but don’t worry you can still reg at the con.


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General Admission, including our conbook and an event badge.


All Attendee perks, an event t-shirt, and a ticket for our Charity Raffle.

Super Sponsor

All Sponsor perks, and an invitation to the Catered Social on Friday night.

Gold Sponsor 

All Super Sponsor perks, a second pass to the Catered Social, a special gift, and a special listing in the conbook.

Registration Hours

Friday – 9am through 7pm.
Saturday – 10am through 5pm.
Sunday – 10am through 2pm.

If you have pre-registered, you can pick up your badge at any point during regular registration hours, or during special badge pickup hours on Thursday night, from 8pm through 10pm, or Friday morning from 8:30am through 9am.

Identification Requirements

By registering for Furpocalypse you acknowledge and agree to supply a valid and current photo ID during registration and badge-pickup at the convention. Failure to supply proper identification will be grounds for denial of entry to the con.Only the following forms of ID are considered, by law, to be valid:
– Current US or Foreign Government issued Drivers License.
– Current State-issued ID (For those without a Drivers License)
– Current Government or Military ID
– Current Passport
Student IDs, pay stubs, and other non government or state issued forms of identification will not be accepted.
Proper identification is required by law, no exceptions can be made.

It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure these requirements are met.
You may email any questions regarding valid forms of ID to the Registration Department.

Rules for Minors

If you are under the age of 18 at the start of the convention, a notarized Parental Consent Form will be required at the registration desk to permit entry. If you pre-register, this form can be mailed in before the pre-registration deadline. Only notarized (by an official Notary Public) consent forms will be accepted.

If you are turning 18 during the convention, after the convention start date, an official, notarized Parental Consent Form must still be supplied during registration. On the day of your birthday you may report to the registration desk to receive a non minor badge.

Children under the age of 12 will be required to have a parent or legal guardian present at all times during the convention, and both must be registered to attend. The parent or guardian must be present with the minor at the registration desk and a non-notarized Parental Consent Form must filled out in front of registration staff. Parents or guardians will be required to supply a valid photo ID meeting the requirements stated above. No exceptions can be made to this policy.



Attendees can receive a full refund of their registration fees should a cancellation be received by September 30th.
Credits for the following year’s convention can be requested anytime before October 25th.

To begin a refund request, please email