Artist Alley dealers are not permitted assistants, and only one person is allowed per artist alley space.

Table Space

Artist Alley spaces are half-table only (4’L x 2.5’W)

Table space must be claimed by 1PM on Friday and by 11AM Saturday and Sunday or your space will be forfeited.

Accepting Payment

Artist Alley dealers must use the Furpocalypse Dealer Cashier.

Furpocalypse will retain a 3% Fee from all sales.

Sales from the weekend will be paid in registration beginning at 4pm on Sunday afternoon.
Any dealers found selling items outside of the Dealer Cashier will be removed from Artist Alley.

Waiting List

If you were notified of being placed on the waiting list for a table space, we will contact you should a spot become available before the con.
Those people on the waiting list should check-in with the Dealers Room Cashier an hour after opening each day in case there is unclaimed table space.

Adult Material

Adult materials need to be kept covered and in separately marked portfolios clearly labeled as adult material, i.e. “Adults Only”.
Content within the portfolio must be censored so no genitalia or female nipples are viewable.Please see the Dealer Packet for additional Information, Rules, and Terms and Conditions.