2020 Dealers and Artist Alley Applicants Update

2020 Den and Alley Applicants,

It comes with great sadness that alongside the postponement of Furpocalypse 2020, plans for this year’s dealers and artists block have been subsequently canceled. To elaborate, this means that all applications for 2020 have been voided and will not count towards our upcoming event in 2021.

Earlier this year, the department was informed that there was a possibility of our 2020 event being canceled, and that a decision would be made once things with the state and hotel became more certain. While we wanted to promptly announce our picks for this year’s den, we felt that putting down an official roster and charging fees under these uncertain conditions would have been irresponsible, especially to those interested in early booking for travel and lodging.

Some exciting news, however, is that alongside the announcement of our digital event in October, we’re very much excited to offer a digital space for dealers and artists. We’ll be hosting an online gallery for merch, art, and suits, with additional links to your hosting sites and socials. Creators who are interested may also be eligible to host digital “art jams” on our site, and will have the opportunity to perform streams and auctions to help support our charities. Rules for the upcoming online applications will be much more lenient, and furpocalypse will not be taking a cut out of sales being hosted off our digital event space. All dealers will be responsible for processing their own transactions and settling disputes off of our main event site. If this interests you, please stay tuned to our social media accounts, as that’s where we’ll be posting news regarding applications for the upcoming 2020 virtual den. Applications, instructions and details on how to participate will be posted on our website.

As an organization, Furpocalypse is proud to feature all the works and creativity the fandom has to offer. We appreciate your understanding during these uncertain times, and would like to thank everyone for their patience.

-Director of Dealers and Art, ethanJP