A follow-up from the Board of Directors.

We’d like to start by getting back to the basics and what Furpocalypse stands for. We are a close family of staff and attendees who gather once a year for a weekend to have a good time enjoying what our fandom has to offer while raising money for charity, all in a friendly and safe environment. We, the board and staff, are passionate about our event and providing the community with the best convention experience possible. We spend a great deal of time and resources building and growing the convention, striving to make each year better than the last, all because we love our wonderful furry family.

This year we have seen a new hurdle and hardship that we had never intended. With the birth of Furpocalypse we introduced themes and the last thing we ever wanted was to create controversy by adding this flare to our event.

We understand the sensitivity surrounding the Haunted Asylum theme and sincerely apologize to those negatively impacted by it. We are taking what actions we can to make this year as comfortable as possible for all of our attendees. We will be reverting our registration levels to standard non-descriptive tiers.

We know this is a sensitive matter that holds dear to a lot of people. We have always tried to work hard to put on an event for everyone to have a good time, and this unintentionally caused displeasure amongst our community.

In the future, policies have been put in place to better vet the theme in the hope that this kind of situation does not occur in the future.

We really do care about our community and have always tried to bring people together, not divide them.

Furpocalypse Board of Directors